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Can You Board My Pet?

Updated: Mar 12

Every now and then I get this question from a potential client-"Can you keep my pet in your home while I'm gone?" The answer is a resounding no and let me explain why.

There have been numerous stories in the mainstream media and social media over the past few years where a pet sitter has taken a pet from the client's home to the sitter's home without the client's knowledge. The animal is afraid of its new surroundings and runs away and is either permanently lost or gets killed.

The following are some reasons why employees of The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care only take care of pet(s) in the client’s home and help prevent every pet owner's worst nightmare.

Pets are more comfortable in their own home and are less stressed when in familiar surroundings.

1. They can eat in their favorite spot, sleep in their favorite bed, and go on a walk in their own neighborhood.

2. While caring for your pet is a priority, we also do a walk-through at every visit to make sure there are no leaking pipes or other damage that might occur when the client is away.

3. We also bring in the mail and packages, etc. making the home looked lived-in while you’re gone.

5. Special bonding and insurance must be obtained to board pets.

6. Some homeowner and renter’s policies will deny coverage to a home or apartment that boards animals.

7. Some staff members live in apartments with breed restrictions and would risk eviction to take care of certain pets.

The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care does provide transportation to day care, the vet, and groomer, but only with the client’s permission.

****Please visit our website for more information on our pet sitting services and how we can take care of your pet when you're away.

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