Should I Hire a Pet Sitter or Board My Cat?

You’ll be out of town for a few days on business or vacation but can’t take your cat with you. Should you board your feline or have a pet sitter check on him? Or should you just fill up a bowl with food and another with water and leave him on his own?

Many things can happen in a vacant home that would be harmful to the cat or its environment. There could be a broken pipe that would flood your home.

Your cat might eat a toxic plant and get sick or even die with no one to check on him. And cats get used to your daily routine-coming and going-and could become confused and anxious by being left alone for days.

More problems could arise from a multi-cat household with perhaps one cat accidentally being locked in a closet away from food and water. It’s stressful enough for the cat for you to be gone-they don’t have to suddenly get used to a new environment and people, too.

Hiring a pet sitter will give your cat has the same freedom to walk around your house as when you’re home. Cat sitting at your home reduces the stress of a boarding environment and removes the possibility of your cat contracting an illness.

In addition, you don’t have to put the cat in a crate and drive to the vet or boarding facility with its new sights, smells, and people. A cat might not like staying in a cage for days on end.

Some cats are aggressive with other cats and therefore can’t be boarded.

Questions to ask a Pet Sitter:

· Will you be able to visit around the same time each day? That’s especially important if the kitty needs life-saving medication.

· Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

· Will you play with my cat or just feed and leave?

· Can you bring in packages, the mail, turn on/off lights, etc.

· Will you do a walk-through of the home to make sure it’s secure?

· Will you do a meet and greet of me and my pet before the first visit?

If you cat is social, he might like staying at a boarding facility. Likewise, a cat that is very sick and needs around-the-clock medical attention would do better at a vet or boarding facility. However, the cat might not like going to the vet and become stressed at going to this place where it usually gets poked and prodded. Take a tour before you decide to board your cat there.