Eight Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker When You’re Working From Home

You’ve been working from home for several months and home school will be starting up soon. Maybe you just started working from home and recently adopted a dog. It’s important to walk your dog for a variety of reasons and that’s topic for another blog.

Life is so complicated right now. But there’s something that can ease your mind-especially where giving your dog his exercise is concerned. . .hire a dog walker.

You may think of hiring someone to walk your dog only when you’re at the office or on vacation but here are eight reasons to hire a dog walker when you’re working from home.

A dog walker can keep up the dog’s routine of a walk at a certain time during the day.

Maybe you’re used to walking your dog on your lunch break but now working from home, you can’t take a lunch break; or maybe the lunch break is earlier or later than before. A dog walker can make sure your dog gets his walk around the same time each day.

You can schedule the walk during a client or staff zoom meeting so you won’t be ashamed of him barking during the meeting.

Just when you need your dog to be quiet, he sees something outside and starts barking-disrupting your very important meeting-ugh! It’s embarrassing and your co-workers may not appreciate the disruption.

Hiring a dog walker discourages disruptive behavior throughout the day.

Taking a dog walker will use some of the dog’s pent up energy through physical and mental exercise and allow him to relax while you’re working.

You’ll be able to concentrate more on your work, especially with a deadline looming.

An article from the January-February 2014 Harvard Business Review details a study showing employees were more productive when they worked from home. But one drawback to working from home could be all the distractions. Hiring a dog walker will help reduce one distraction and allow you to concentrate fully on your work.

You’re working longer hours now and can’t take a break to walk your dog.

It’s been said people working from home are working harder and working more hours since they’re not at a physical office. You don’t even have time to walk your dog so why not let a dog walker do it for you?

The dog will be tired from a walk and won’t interrupt you when you’re homeschooling the kids.

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