Dog Walker or Doggie Day Care?

In this age of COVID, many people are getting dogs for the very first time. Others are adding to their pet family. But the ever-changing environment of working and schooling from home or returning to the office creates confusion about what to do with your dog(s) . . .should you hire a dog walker or take them to doggie day care? This article lists the pros and cons of both to help you make the right decision for your dog.

Pros of Hiring a Dog Walker

· Hiring a dog walker is beneficial for a dog that isn’t social, is fearful with strange people and/or dogs, is recovering from surgery, or is elderly.

· A dog walker can give your dog individualized attention.

· The dog gets to check out its own neighborhood and read his pee mail as he does when you take him for a walk.

· If you get stuck at work or if the dog needs more mental stimulation, the dog walker can make another trip to potty, walk, and feed your dog.

There are no breed restrictions or age restrictions for a dog walker.

Cons of Hiring a Dog Walker

· The dog doesn’t get as much exercise as he would at day care.

· Your dog doesn’t get the social interaction with other people and dogs.

Pros of Doggie Day Care

· Day care may be a good fit if your dog is anxious or suffers from separation anxiety.

· It’s good for high-energy, social dogs

· Your dog is tired at the end of the day.