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Live online personal dog training that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

You’re stressed and overwhelmed taking care of work, your family, homeschooling, and the dog. Imagine living with a dog that’s not climbing the walls because of the change in routine; a dog who can settle calmly while you work, supervise homeschooling, or attend a Zoom meeting. There will be no more frustration, worry, and fear because you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed.


Let us guide you through how to train your dog step-by-step in one-on-one private online sessions in real time.

Why train online?

  • It’s something to look forward to

  • It puts a positive spin on your day

  • It breaks up your day

  • You can take advantage of your extra time to learn something new

The benefits of online training:

  • It’s convenient - There’s no commute so you don’t have to go outside in hot or bad weather

  • Less disruption to your day since you don’t have to pack up and leave home

  • There’s no car sickness for a new puppy

  • There is less distraction for the dog

  • There’s more flexibility in scheduling lessons-you could even schedule a lesson during your lunch hour

  • You can see a real time demo of the behavior with one of my dogs

  • It’s a more efficient use of your time

  • No stranger is coming to your door

  • You don’t have to clean your house for the trainer

  • Those with physical disabilities can learn from the comfort of their home

  • You’ll receive step-by-step coaching and guidance

  • It can be our little secret... It was never about us training your dog - It’s about us coaching you how to train your dog.

One-on-one online training is really easy to do:

  • You can attend from a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone

  • You don’t have to be tech-savy

  • Before the first lesson we’ll send you a link to our private Zoom meeting room

  • Click on the link at the time of your lesson and follow the instructions

  • We’ll send you a video recording afterward so you can review the steps for the behaviors anytime you want

  • You’ll have access to us by email and phone with any questions that come up between lessons

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