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The Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker

Imagine this. . .you’re sitting at your desk at work, looking forward to going home for lunch to spend some time with your dog when all of a sudden your boss announces everyone will be staying at work to finish a huge project by the end of the day.

So what do you do? You can’t go home and your dog will now be in his crate all day.

Or this. . .you’re busy working from home with meetings, home schooling, work deadlines, etc., and just don’t have the time to take a break and walk your dog.

A dog walker can help relieve those fears and much more. Here are some additional benefits of hiring a dog walker.

· A dog walker can give your dog a chance to stretch his legs and potty, giving you peace of mind that your dog is being well taken care of and not confined to a crate for 8 or more hours while you’re at work.

· It gives him a chance to use his senses on a walk or perhaps play a game of fetch in the back yard.

· Hiring a dog walker is an opportunity to keep up with your dog’s obedience skills, such as loose leash walking.

· Walking helps prevent barking and destructive behavior. Your dog will work off his excess energy and be calm, especially during that important zoom meeting.

· Hiring a dog walker breaks up the dog’s day and relieves boredom.

· It keeps the dog on schedule and used to a routine. When you have a puppy it’s important to keep them on a consistent elimination schedule to help with potty training.

· Hiring a dog walker means you can actually eat lunch during your lunch break and don’t have to run home to let your dog out.

***We are available to help you concentrate at work and not worry about your dog. Check out our dog walking services and then contact us at (540) 353-2485 or***

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