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Our dog training programs are individualized to each and every dog that we see because that is the quality training you and your pet deserve. We only provide private one-to-one training in the comfort of your own home to provide individualized service and to ensure the most effective training results possible. 

Happy lab sitting on cot during training session with The Well-Trained Dog


Our Puppy Training Programs are for the family who just adopted a puppy or has an adolescent (6 months of age and younger.) Our Dog Training Programs are for the family with a dog over 6 months of age.

Are you frustrated by your new puppy?

Having problems with potty training?

We’ll help you get started on the right paw.


Are dog walks stressful for you?

Already tried training & still having problems?

We can help!


We were featured on WFXR News!

Beverly Amsler was invited on set to teach Living Local's host Kianna Price's dog how not to jump on people.  Beverly also demonstrated enrichment activities for Xena.



"The Well-Trained Dog is a true VALUE for dog owners! The Skill, Respect, Promptness, and Professionalism of Beverly’s methods are amazing! After losing a beloved member of our family of 11 years-our German Shepherd Yogi-my husband and I made the decision to acquire a new puppy.  We have owned and loved three male shepherds over the past 30 years who enhanced our children and family life.  With Yogi gone and the children grown up and gone, a new companion seemed like a good idea.  Then Came Tucker-a sweet-natured, smart, handsome new baby (seven weeks old).  He also proved to be quite stubborn, hard-headed, and sneaky.

Our age, loss of patience, health issues, and a lot of bad weather brought us to the painful decision that we needed either professional help or we would have to find Tucker a new family. From the first lesson with Beverly, the situation took a positive turn.  Her reward-based system begins and ends with the dog developing a respect for his master.  As the frustration level of the master dissipates, the dog’s level of respect increases.

The routine we have developed based on Beverly’s techniques has brought a calm satisfaction to our home once more. Tucker is three days from his first birthday and is a totally different dog from three months ago when we sought Beverly’s help.  Her guidance is a true skill. We would highly recommend “The Well-Trained Dog” as a service to anyone with a dog who is a chore to deal with.We are truly lucky that Beverly came into our lives and has made it possible for Tucker to remain part of our family!"

 ~ Norman & Kathryn W.

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