There’s a New Game in Town

There’s a New Game in Town | The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care | Roanoke

There’s a new game in Roanoke and it’s called “Fido Fitness”.  This new company aims to be more than just a doggie day care.  In advance of Saturday’s grand opening, I asked Laura Berg, who owns Fido Fitness along with her husband, Eric, about their new business venture.

What is Fido Fitness?

Fido Fitness is a daytime dog daycare, fitness club, and training center. It is kind of a canine version of the YMCA. During the day, from 7am – 6pm, we offer dog daycare. We do not offer overnight boarding or weekend daycare. In the evenings and on weekends, we offer Yappy Hours – where owners can come learn what dog group play looks like in safe and monitored dog park-like setting – and training and fitness classes. We have multiple indoor and outdoor play spaces for varied uses and groups of dogs.

Why did you and Eric start this business?

This is Eric’s third dog daycare. He helped to start Flying Fur in Newport, VA and Field of Dreams in Vinton, VA. After we married and moved into my home, selling his, we decided we had two choices. We could either buy the house of our dreams or build our own dog daycare, taking what we had learned from over 25 years of dog experience, and applying it to a place where we would love to leave our own dogs. Thus, Fido Fitness was born. Third time’s the charm, right?

What makes Fido Fitness different from other doggie daycares in the Roanoke Valley?

We specialize in small playgroups of dogs. Believing safety is paramount to having fun, we set a limit of 8 dogs in one playgroup. Groups of dogs are placed together based on play style, age, and special needs. Dogs are rotated through the day into various play groups, rest periods (where each dog gets his or her own crate to settle down in), and exercise or training sessions with an employee.

Are small dogs grouped together?

We group dogs based on their play style, likes and dislikes, and special needs. Size matters, but is not exclusive. If the little dog likes to play rough or does better with larger dogs that is fine. Very large dogs and very small dogs won’t mix because the risk of injury is too great, no matter the play style. We do have a special small dog play area for groups of small dogs to have fun safely in a more fitting space, with rocks and such designed for their size.

What classes do you offer?