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Rainy Day Fun

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Rainy Day Fun | The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care | Roanoke

Another day of rain in the Roanoke Valley and parts of Virginia. Backyards, usually a place to run and chase balls, are now swimming pools and wiping off the dogs after a walk is becoming more of a chore. So what can you and your pup do to pass the time?

Think of this as a time to do some fun activities you usually don’t have time for.  What about working on some basic obedience, such as lengthening the amount of time you dog can sit.  You can even play “hide and seek”.  Have your dog in a sit or down stay while you duck out of sight, then call him to you.  It’s fun watching them search for you if you have an especially good hiding place.  You can also do this with a toy, first putting it a few feet away from him, then in the next room.  Make it more difficult by putting the toy on something such as a chair or behind something like an end table.  It really gets their brain going.

Teach your dog a new trick.  Dogs love learning something new and while both of you are stuck indoors, try balancing a treat on the end of his nose, learning the commando crawl, spin, twirl, how to stand on his back feet. . .the ideas are endless.

Just as we go to the gym and stand on a balance board to work on our core, Fitpaws has done the same for canines.  They have a variety of peanuts, pods, eggs, donuts, and boards to help puppies learn about their bodies to older dogs retaining balance and flexibility as they age.

Nina Ottoson has puzzles and toys for the dogs to really use their mind.  They lift flaps, nose discs, and spin parts of the puzzles out of their way to get the hidden treats.  You can also get these toys at Petco, PetSmart, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Let us know in the comments below what you do during days like these.  And remember, have some fun!


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