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Choosing the Right Groomer for Your Pet

Choosing the Right Groomer for Your Pet| The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care | Roanoke

Going to a holiday party? It’s not only the humans who like to look their best anymore.  Many owners dress up their dogs in festive kerchiefs or bows to help capture the Christmas spirit.

And dressing up usually requires getting a bath first.  Not everyone wants to or has the resources necessary to bathe or clip their pup.  And that’s where groomers come in.  Many are so busy this season they didn’t have time to chat.  But Hiliary Shelton Nunez, a groomer at Clip & Dip Professional Dog Grooming & Boarding Kennel in Roanoke, gave some advice for pet owners who want their fur babies to look their best any time of the year.

Why use a groomer? Why not just do it yourself?

It’s important to use a groomer because it’s very easy to injure your dog when you aren’t trained to groom. It requires a lot of patience, ability to predict the dogs every move and know how to use the equipment. Grooming requires a lot of sharp instruments. It’s very easy to cut a dog with them. When you aren’t trained to groom dogs, it takes a lot longer to clip them. Mats get left behind and sometimes the dogs will end up with brush burn from not using the correct brushes or techniques. Groomers know breed clips and are able to achieve a variety of different looks based on personal tastes without stressing the dog and with minimal chance of injury.

What should pet owners look for in a groomer?

It can take some time to find the right groomer for you. Groomers are not required to have certifications. You can ask your vet and friends for recommendations for groomers that they like. Also check online and Facebook reviews. When you find one you want to try, it’s important that their facility is clean. A good groomer will walk you through all procedures and allow you to see their grooming areas. If they will not let you see their area, that should be a red flag. Ask as many questions as you can. How are the animals handled? How long does a typical grooming for your breed take? What tools do they use? Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable leaving your pet there for several hours.

What are signs that the groomer isn’t a good fit for the owner or animal?

There are a few signs that your groomer and your dog are not a good fit. The first is that your groomer will tell you that they are not a good match with your dog. They should know when your dog is not comfortable with them or they just do not work well enough together. Another is if the groomer is unable to achieve the cut you want. Sometimes, it will take a few tries to get exactly what you like but it should be close to what you want. Lastly, if you are not comfortable with your groomer, you should look for a new one. They should be gentle and caring with all animals in their care.

***If you have a new puppy, it’s especially important that they become familiar with handling to make it less stressful on the dog and the groomer.  Our programs at The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care address this and other issues such as loose leash walking and problem behaviors including jumping up on guests. Look at our Success Stories page on our website and visit our Facebook page.  Contact us at (540) 353-2485 or  We can help!


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