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Caring for Pets With Special Needs

"Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us; all that we ask is that you have it your way. Have your way, have it your way at Burger King.”


That’s a Burger King jingle from the 1970s.  What the company was trying to explain was that it could fulfill special diet requests.  That was way before Keto and gluten free foods.


Those of us with pets know sometimes we have to give them special medicine or clean out their ears with a special solution, etc. to keep them safe and healthy.


And when pet owners leave home for work or vacation, that level of care continues with our staff at The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care.  Sometimes the pet needs a pill in a piece of cheese.  Sometimes they need some medicine rubbed in their ear.  And other times they have a more detailed routine of special food and care.


Curry is a bearded dragon owned by one of our clients.  She has a special routine to keep her healthy and happy.  You can watch part of the process here.


We offer customized care plans, tailored to each pet’s needs.  And we always update the owner with a detailed written report following each visit about what we did during the visit.  And we reach out to the owner with any questions that may arise or if anything seems amiss.


***If you have a pet with special needs and plan to be away from home, contact us to create a care plan for your pet.  Go to our website and then call us at (540) 353-2485 or email




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