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Product Review-The Freedom No-Pull Harness

I’ve tried a number of harnesses over the years but my favorite go-to harness has become The Freedom No-Pull Harness.

Problems with other harnesses-Harnesses that velcro together in the back with double rings for the leash are sometimes difficult to put on the dog, especially as the puppy grows, or with an older adult dog. You have to put the harness on the floor and have the dog step in or hold the dog and put its legs through the holes in the harness. Then one leg comes out and you have to start over.

Some dogs bite your hands because their legs are being manipulated or they are being picked up to put the harness on.

Other harnesses are padded in the front and have a ring for the leash in the front and the back. If you attach the leash on the front and the dog pulls, the entire harness moves to the side, making it uncomfortable for the dog.

Some harnesses slip over the head as does the Freedom No-Pull Harness, but they fit tightly around the dog’s head and it can be a struggle putting it on because it’s like putting on a turtleneck sweater; you have to really tug to get it on.

Why I like it- When used correctly, if the dog pulls, it’s redirected to one side, unlike a back-clip harness where you could possibly be pulled off your feet if the dog sees something and suddenly takes off.

Features-It has two rings where you can attach a leash-at the front of the harness and at the back. You can use the customized leash that comes in the box with the harness to clip to both rings or just to the front one.

The back ring can also be used to attach the dog to a seatbelt or to the headrest so the dog can’t get to the front seat if you don’t use a crate when traveling.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness is like putting on a tank top; it slides easily over the head of any sized dog. When introducing it to the dog, I put my arm through the harness and hold a treat. As the dog begins to nibble on the treat, I take my other hand and slide the harness over his neck. Then the harness fits between the legs and clips on either side.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness uses the same size fabric throughout and also has a martingale collar-type of feature for the front and back rings so the rings can have room to move back and forth for more flexibility when walking.

Another feature of The Freedom Harness is that you can put it on quickly and walk the dog. Other types of training tools, such as the Halti or Gentle Leader, take time for the dog to get used to wearing it before walking.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness comes in many different sizes and colors. When you first get the harness, it can be confusing as to how to put it on. The harness comes in a one predominate color with a couple of inches of a secondary color. That secondary color contains the ring that belongs on the dog’s back.

Hold up the harness as if you were looking at the dog and the chest ring should be facing you. Find the clips on the right and left and unclip them. Then you’re ready to put it over the dog’s head. I always face the dog when putting it on and say something like “get dressed” so the dog knows what’s coming. Put the part that’s hanging down through the dog’s front feet and press the clips together on either side.

When taking it off, just do the reverse; face the dog, unclip the side clips with both hands and pull the harness off the dog’s head.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to put the harness on.

I’ve had great success with clients who say their dog pulls them on walks and within just a couple of minutes are enjoying walks with their dog because of this harness.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness can be purchased through Chewy, Amazon, 2 Hounds Design, or from the inventor of the harness.

***Want some one-on-one instruction on how to walk your dog without pulling? Check out our dog training programs.


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