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Five Reasons My Pets Make Me Thankful

It’s the season of thanksgiving, and a time to count our blessings. I’ve come up with five reasons to be thankful for my dogs. I’m sure you can come up with even more reasons.

They give unconditional love.

No matter how stressful my day has been or how many people cut me off in traffic, I can count on 8 paws happy to see me when I come in the door.

They are always there when I need them.

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to; someone with a listening ear who won’t judge us or interrupt. My dogs are there for me with a wagging tail.

They make me smile.

Hokie has this funny way of lying on her back with her feet up in the air, fast asleep. And sometimes she wakes up by falling over. It’s really funny to watch.

Zippy and I have played this game since he was a pup. He will grab one of my shoes (or other article of clothing) and dare me to chase him. I will announce my astonishment that “someone” has taken my shoe and chase him around the house to get it. He will go around one corner and I’ll go around the other, surprising him and he’ll take off again.

They are always ready for an adventure.

I have two Labs and even though they’re older, they love playing fetch or walking in the woods and exploring new things. It’s good for their health as well as mine.

We travel a lot for flyball and dock diving events and they enjoy seeing new people and places.

They allow me to live in the moment.

I once had a dog training client as me what present she could give her dog. I replied the best present was to be present in whatever she and her dog did together. Dogs live in the moment and remind us to savor it before moving on.

Take some time to reflect on how your pets make you thankful. That way you can cherish the memories for years to come.


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