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We're Open for Business

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

In some ways yesterday was a typical Saturday. . .people mowing grass and neighbors having a birthday party for a child.

But if anything has taught us in the past week, we’re living in a very different world now.

We here at The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care want you to know we’re open for business; walking dogs and training dogs.

Maybe you’re planning a picnic or a day trip. If you’ll be away for the day, contact us and we’ll take care of your pets while you’re gone.

If you’re a member of an at-risk group but still need to take your pet to the vet or groomer but don’t want to go out of the house, we’re available to transport your pet to and from those locations.

Our Number One Priority is to keep our staff and clients safe so we’re following state and federal health safety guidelines. We’re washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer after each visit. We’re also using the same staff member with the same client to minimize exposure and not touching our face.

Perhaps you’re in Roanoke working from home or the kids are home from school in Daleville, but your dog is used to having a walk at a certain time each day. It’s so important to keep that routine so you can continue to work uninterrupted. If you have online meetings throughout the day and can’t walk your dog, let us know and we can do that for you.

If you don’t want us to come into your home, you can step outside and hand us the leash and the dog or put the dog in a crate on your porch a few minutes before we arrive and we’ll do the same when the walk is over.

We have openings for new clients; especially nurses, first responders, grocery store workers, and others who may be putting in longer hours during this crisis.

Because client schedules are changing frequently, we’re waiving Late Booking Fees during this crisis to give clients peace of mind that we’ll be there when you need us.

If you recently adopted a dog, contact us for training-we can help. Training may look a little different with social distancing, but it’s important-especially with puppies-to start training now and not postpone it until later. You don’t want today’s little problems turning into tomorrow’s big ones. And if you’re home more, it’s a great time to get in more practice time, right from the start.

Check out our services at The Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care. Feel free to contact us at (540) 353-2485 or Follow us on Facebookand Instagram.

Let us know how we can help!


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