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Keep Your Pets Safe Around Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is almost here and that means very soon young trick-or-treaters will be at your door, begging for candy. It’s a fun activity for humans but might not be fun for your pets. In fact, people randomly coming to your door dressed in costumes might scare your pet. So here are some tips for helping you and your pet navigate Halloween trick-or-treating.

Does your dog enjoy people coming to the front door? Maybe they are OK with people they know but not strangers. Consider meeting the trick-or-treaters at the end of your porch or on the sidewalk so your dog doesn’t start barking.

If you have to open the front door, use a baby gate to keep your dog safe in another room. He can see the action but not be part of it and you won’t have to worry about him dashing out the front door.

If your dog doesn’t like people coming to the house, consider putting him in a crate or containing him in another room with soothing music or something like Dog TV and a Kong toy filled with kibble or treats to give him something to do so he’s not stressed during that time.

Greeting guests can be exhausting. Have a bed or crate where your dog can choose to go if he gets tired with all the excitement.

Cats may also be afraid of all the sudden hustle and bustle. Make sure they have a safe place to go to escape all the noise. You may want to put them in a room and shut the door so they don’t run out the front door.

Does your pet like to wear costumes? If he’s also friendly with strangers, you might want to have him wear his Halloween costume and greet the kids at the front door. Some dogs love all the attention that comes with wearing something different.

You can probably think of many more ideas but the main thing is for everyone to have fun and stay safe on this spooky holiday.

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