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Easter Fun for You and Your Dog

Updated: Mar 12

The Easter season signals the start of spring with the days becoming warmer, daylight staying around longer and beautiful flowers blooming in yards and gardens.

Many people celebrate the holiday season with family gatherings, by traveling to new places, and with fun activities such as Easter egg hunts. But have you ever included your dog in the fun?

Some dogs like to dress up. You can buy headbands with eggs or bunny ears that come out of the top and wiggle when the headband moves. Put it on your dog (if they like it) and it could be their own Easter bonnet! You might even want to have an Easter parade with your friends and neighbors.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed hunting for my Easter basket. It was usually behind the couch or a chair in the living room. Some people buy special treats and toys for their pets for Easter. Have you ever put them in a basket and had your dog hunt for it? I’m sure they would love it!

Why not have an Easter egg hunt for your dog? I’ve done this the past couple of years with my dogs and they really love it. I bought some plastic eggs and then put a treat or two in each one. Then I “hide” them in the yard. When the dog signals that they found one, they either pick it up and give it to me to open, or I pick it up from the ground, open it, and they enjoy the treats inside.

Here’s a video of my dog, Hokie, enjoying an Easter egg hunt.

Whatever you do this holiday season, plan some special time with your dog and perhaps try some of these activities.

I’d love to see pictures of your pets dressed up, or videos of them hunting for their Easter basket or hunting Easter eggs.

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