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Because A Well-Trained Dog. . .
Makes A Happy Family

We get it! You have a great dog that's driving you crazy. Or maybe even a new puppy (our favorite!). Right now they are jumping on people, dragging you down the street, barking and chewing and play biting and stealing stuff and just making life so much more of a pain than it needs to be! We're here for you and we understand. Our training programs are perfect for families like you. 

We serve the Roanoke, Virginia Valley and surrounding areas with in-person training and throughout the world with virtual training.


We provide pet sitting in the comfort and security of your pet's own home.

In-home private training that allows for a more well-behaved & happier pup.



Pet Care Clients

Beverly and her crew have been taking care of our cat for a few years. My confidence in them has been well placed. But this time they went beyond the call of duty.

Like many others we lost power over the holidays. Beverly immediately contacted us and expressed her concern for our cat.
When she returned the next day she called to tell us our pipes had burst and there was water in the basement. She managed to shut off the water keeping the damage to a minimum
If you are looking for someone to take care of your pets and your house, look no further.

Karen J.

Dog Training Clients

Mia has become a better listener — she is so eager to learn, with a curious nature, and loves to watch and look us in the eye for her reward treats. I’m proud of Mia, my oldest son, my male dogs, and myself for working together – to try to make a difference in the life of another dog that needed a good home. Keeping us on track each week, Beverly’s calm approach helped me and Mia at the same time. Using a trainer like Beverly taught us and helped reinforce the needs a young, active puppy like Mia. My male dogs and I are used to the same routines in life and their cozy home, couches, beds and yard. Mia, as we now know, needs a lot more structure, activity, walks, mental and physical stimulation — and she has proven that the training techniques do work. 

Thank you Beverly for guiding us to learn and work together as a pup family...!

— Anita

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