Brain Games For You and Your Dog

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Did you play hide and seek as a child? You remember-someone would hide their eyes and count to 100 while everyone else hid.

The announcement, “Ready or not, here I come!” meant you risked being found if you weren’t quiet and still.

You can also play hide and seek with your dog. If you’re working from home or the weather is too nasty for a walk, you can play short brain games.

It’s been said 20 minutes of brain games equals about an hour of physical activity.

So if you’re pressed for time or are just looking for something to do on a bad weather day, consider one of more of the following games to help pass the time.

Hide and Seek

To start: Have your dog sit or lie down. If you’re by yourself, tell him to stay and walk a short distance away, perhaps just around a corner.

Then call him to come to you. Reward him with a treat or tug toy or just petting and verbal praise.

Then have them sit, down, and stay again in that spot while you find a new hiding place.

If there are two or more people available to play the game, have one person call the dog to them while the second finds a hiding place.

When the second person calls the dog, have the first person find a new hiding spot. Children especially like this game and the entire family can be involved in the fun.

This game strengthens the dog’s recall, making it fun for them to run to you.

It will help them burn energy but also uses their brain power to find you, especially when you have moved from your previous location.